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Severin Hansen


丹麦家具设计师 Severin Hansen Jr. 因其经典的丹麦中世纪现代风格的桌子设计著名。在1950年代和60年代初,他的作品由位于 Haslev的小镇,靠近哥本哈根及荷兰Bovenkamp 家具制造商的 Haslev Møbelsnedkeri 制造。Hansen 还因与受人尊敬的丹麦瓷器公司 Royal Copenhagen 的合作而出名,该公司制作了一系列表面铺有由Grethe Helland-Hansen 和 Nils Thorsten 等艺术家手绘和上釉的瓷砖的红木桌子。

虽然人们对 Hansen 的生活知之甚少,但他的设计在古董爱好者中越来越受欢迎。他们对他高质量的细木工和材料非常尊敬。Hansen 的餐桌、嵌套桌、咖啡桌和缝纫桌几乎全部用红木和桃花心木生产,少数用柚木制造。它们的特点是棱角分明的轮廓和20世纪60年代北欧风格的锥形腿,在细节上保持极简主义的特点。

In the 1950s and early '60s, his work was produced by Haslev Møbelsnedkeri—a furniture manufacturer located in the small town of Haslev, close to Copenhagen—as well as Dutch manufacturer Bovenkamp. Hansen's also known for his collaboration with venerable Danish porcelain company Royal Copenhagen, which produced a series of rosewood tables surfaced with ceramic tiles handpainted and glazed by artists like Grethe Helland-Hansen and Nils Thorssen.

Though little is known about Hansen’s life, his designs are increasingly popular among vintage lovers, who hold him in high esteem for his high quality joinery and materials. Hansen’s dining tables, nesting tables, coffee tables, and sewing tables were produced almost exclusively in rosewood and mahogany, with a small number made from teak. Minimalist in detail, they are characterized by angular silhouettes and tapered legs—exemplars of 1960s Scandinavian idiom.

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