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Poul Cadovius

1911 - 2011, 丹麦

Poul Cadovius 是丹麦著名家具设计师,以模块化的墙面搁架系统而闻名。

1911年,Cadovius 出生于丹麦 Frederiksberg,早先接受了室内装潢设计师的培训,之后逐渐对家具产生了兴趣。1945年,他成立了家具制造公司 Royal System,并在1948年设计出了著名的 Royal System 搁架系统,获得了1950年芬兰家具展金奖及1957年米兰三年展银奖。之后,Cadovius 又连续在1957年设计了 System Ultra,1960年设计了 System Cado。这三个墙面搁架系统的设计,均来自 Cadovius 开创性的壁挂式搁架概念,将家具从地板转移到了墙面上,在节省空间的同时,也让存储、搁架、工作台面等单元能够自由组合,是1950至60年代,丹麦现代设计的标志性产品。

1960年代中期,Cadovius 收购了知名家具制造商 France&Søn,并将公司更名为 CADO,随后与众多知名丹麦设计师开启了合作,包括 Grete Jalk、Arne Vodder、Ole Wanscher 和 Finn Juhl 等。事实证明,Cadovius 不仅是一名出色的设计师,同时也是一位善于把握机遇、且极具眼光的企业家。

Cadovius 将家具设计的形式与功能结合的非常完美,他所设计的搁架系统至今仍然备受追捧,多数产品目前由丹麦公司 dk3 制作生产,而在20世纪中期产自 CADO 的搁架系统,则更具收藏价值。

While Poul Cadovius is most famous for his modular floating shelving system, his career in design didn’t actually start with wall units.

Born just outside of Copenhagen in 1911, Cadovius began manufacturing window treatments in the 1940s with his partner, Hother Brønner. He soon turned his focus from venetian blinds to furniture, finding success designing svelte pieces in teak, a richly coloured hardwood favoured by the Danish mid-century modernists.

In 1945, Cadovius founded the furniture manufacturer Royal System with his designs, including the 1948 Royal System shelving unit, a space-saving solution that underscored Cadovius’s penchant for problem-solving in a multifunctional way. Rather than balance shelves on wooden or metal legs, it held them to the wall with brackets.

Cadovius followed the Royal System shelving unit with the System Ultra in 1957, the System Cado in 1960 and the System Abstracta, which was installed throughout the exhibition halls of the 1962 Cologne Furniture Fair. All expanded on his idea of wall-mounted shelving that saved space while offering functionality, allowing for limitless combinations of storage, shelves, work surfaces and other units. The Royal System proved to be especially popular and is still produced by Danish furniture brand dk3 today, with early models continuing to be in demand.

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