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Palle Suenson

1904 - 1987, 丹麦

Palle Suenson 是20世纪丹麦最著名的现代主义建筑师之一,Hans J. Wegner、Poul Kjærholm 等知名设计师都曾受雇于 Suenson 的工作室。

从丹麦皇家美术学院毕业后,Suenson 先后与丹麦建筑大师 Kay Fisker、Kaj Gottlob 合作了一段时间,然后于1930年创立了自己的设计工作室。简洁的形态和优雅的比例,极具 Suenson 个人的标志性,很快便以现代主义风格为众人所知,哥本哈根市中心克里斯蒂安港的 B&W 大楼,即是他最重要的建筑作品之一,也对后来的 Arne Jacobsen 等人产生了重大影响。

Suenson 的作品涉及广泛,除了建筑设计,他还在历史建筑修复、家具设计等方面有所建树。尤其在1940年代,与 Jacob Kjær 等知名细木工坊,合作的一系列极具现代风格的家具,存世稀少,有很高的收藏价值。Suenson 还在1956至1965年间,担任了丹麦皇家美术学院的院长。

Palle Suenson (born 6 July 1904 in Frederiksberg and deceased on 14 July 1987 in Holte) was a Danish modernist architect. He was the son of Professor Edouard Suenson, engineer, and of Henriette Benedicte Hartmann.

After studies at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, he first worked with Kay Fisker and Søren Christian Larsen (1925–29) and Kaj Gottlob (1929–30) before starting an autonomous activity as architect in 1930. He rapidly established himself as a leading modernist architect in Denmark, a pioneer in this style, and is remembered today for numerous iconic buildings, such as the B&W building on Christianshavn.[1][2] The buildings are reputed for their simplicity and proportions and exercised a major influence on the likes of Arne Jacobsen and Poul Kjaerholm.

In addition to his many buildings, consisting both in houses and offices for banks and others, as well as to the furniture he designed, he was keenly interested in the restoration of historic buildings. In 1943, he bought and restored the Alchemist's House (or Guldmagerens Hus) on Nyhavn in Copenhagen, and in 1950 he was in charge of restoring Schæffegården on Ermelundsvej in Gentofte.

Palle Suenson regularly participated in exhibitions such as Charlottenborg (1929, 1932, 1934, 1941, 1945, 1978), the World Exhibition in Brussels in 1935, as well as numerous exhibitions in cities such as The Hague, Paris or Lyon.

Suenson owned the Rygaard property in Søllerød, North of Copenhagen and established there the 220 hectare local natural park, at great cost for himself.

Suenson had also an important teaching activity and was from 1956 to 1965 the Rector of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen.

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