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Gunni Omann


Gunni Omann 是丹麦知名设计师,在其父亲成立的公司 Omann Jun Møbelfabrik A/S 中承担主要的设计角色,在20世纪中叶创造了诸多经典产品。

这家细木工坊制造公司是名副其实的家族企业,于1933年由 Andreas Omann 创立,在1950至1970年代,主要生产和出口柚木、橡木和黑檀木家具至世界各地。当时,工厂隔壁的 Ølholm Møbelfabrik 也属 Omann 家族,与 Arne Vodder 等具有前瞻性的现代主义设计师合作。1954年,长子 Gunni Omann 结束了家具设计师和细木工匠的学业后进入公司,设计了很多知名产品,包括 Model 75桌(1958年)、Model 55桌(1961年)等,以独特细腻的造型和家具表面自然优雅的木材纹理而闻名。据说,Model 55 非常成功,以至于知名设计师 Hans J. Wegner 在丹麦的家具店游荡,想要找到他自己设计的桌子销量下降的原因。

1979年,Gunni Omann 和他弟弟 Bjarne 接管了公司,并持续设计家具直至1989年,因健康原因中断。2005年,Ulrich Omann 从他父亲手中接过职务,将重点放在办公家具上,同时也在生产许多世纪中叶的经典作品,至今公司仍在运营。

Danish furniture manufacturing company Omann Jun Møbelfabrik A/S was founded by Andreas Omann in 1933. The family-run business initially focused on the production of bedroom furniture. Later, in 1950s, ’60s, and ’70s, it expanded into dining room furniture , desks , sideboards , and shelving systems made in high-quality woods—teak, oak, and rosewood—which were exported worldwide. In 1954, after graduating as furniture designer and cabinet maker, eldest son Gunni Omann joined his father in the family business and went on to design many of the brand's most successful designs, including the Model 75 Desk (1958), Model 18 Sideboard (1960), and Model 55 Dining Table (1961). According to legend, the Model 55 was so successful that renowned design Hans J. Wegner began to scour furniture stores in Denmark to find out why sales for his own design table design were declining.

Omann Jun Møbelfabrik was taken over in 1979 by Gunni Omann and Bjarne Omann. In 1989, after 35 years of working with design, product, and sales development, Gunni Omann was forced to sell his 50% share of the company due to health problems. In 2005, Ulrich Omann took leadership from his father, and today the company concentrates on the production of office furniture, including many midcentury classics. The Omann family business remains operational to this day.

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