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Aksel Kjersgaard

1921 - 1997, 丹麦

Aksel Kjersgaard 是丹麦设计师和制造商,在20世纪中叶创造了诸多高品质家具,以简洁、实用和精致的细节闻名。

1952年,以一名细木工匠的身份结束了欧洲和摩洛哥的旅行与工作之后,Kjersgaard 回到丹麦并成立了同名制造公司 Aksel Kjersgaard A/S,开始与丹麦知名设计师 Kai Kristiansen 合作,生产边柜、餐柜和梳妆台等家具,到1970年代,建筑师 Søren Nissen 和 Ebbe Gehl 也开始参与设计。Kjersgaard 善用柚木、黑檀木这些纹理优美的材料,具有干净利落的线条和耐看的细节。

Kjersgaard 生产的家具都带有印章或编号,常见的“Odder”字样,是指制造所在地——丹麦城市 Odder,这些易于分辨和识别的标志,也使它们在古董市场上很受欢迎。

Kjersgaard 的家具设计在丹麦极具影响力,同时也受到世界各地设计爱好者的关注和收藏。如今,Aksel Kjersgaard A/S 由他的儿子经营,并继续以 Naver Collection 的名义生产家具。

Both a designer and a manufacturer, Aksel Kjersgaard created and produced furniture at the height of the Danish mid-century modern movement.

In 1952, after working and traveling through Europe and Morocco, Kjersgaard returned to Denmark and established his eponymous production company. In 1955 Aksel Kjersgaard A/S began producing cabinets , dressers , consoles , and sideboards — carrying all the hallmarks of Danish Modernism—in woods with beautiful grains such as rosewood and teak; and featuring clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic.

Kjersgaard collaborated with iconic Danish designer Kai Kristiansen in the 1950s and ‘60s, and Ebbe Gehl & Søren Nissen from 1970, both of whom had previously worked for Rud. Rasmussen in Copenhagen. Although there are few production dates or model names available, Kjersgaard’s works are stamped and/or numbered, making them easy to identify and desirable on the vintage market. In fact, many pieces are stamped “Odder”, which is an indication of provenance not production (despite many incorrect attributions): Kjergaard designs were (and continue to be) produced in the Danish municipality of Odder.

As both as designer and a manufacturer, Kjersgaard’s contribution to the Danish (and Scandinavian) design history is undoubtedly important. Today, Aksel Kjersgaard A/S is run by his son and continues to produce furniture under the name Naver Collection.

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